Upcoming Events and Workshops

OEFFA – Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association – will host their annual conference in the Dayton area this year. ┬áThere are several lectures and workshops that will be of interest to local fruit growers.



Raspberries – Autumn Britten

After giving up on growing raspberries for a number of years I planted 24 Autumn Britten in 2013. I chose this variety because they would bear after the Japanese Beetles passed through our area, around mid to late summer. This year the plants produced a huge crop of well formed berries from August until the mid October frost. I picked about 2 quarts per week, freezing most of the berries to make jam at a later date. They were excellent for jam because of their small, soft seed. I usually mill out most of the seeds when I make jam but this really wasn’t necessary because of the seed texture. Other than top dressing the plants with some composted manure in the early spring, I didn’t apply any other sprays. I did have stink bugs on the plants in the late summer but they only damaged a few of the fruits.

I hope readers who live the in SW Ohio area will share the names of fruits that have performed well for them.