Fire Blight

An article about Fire Blight is always worth reading, especially for organic growers.  When weather conditions are favorable to spread this disease it can be one of the deadliest problems in the orchard.  Seven Springs Farm has an array of products for the organic fruit grower and their prices are some of the lowest in the marketplace.  Here is their latest offerings for Fire Blight:

Fire Blight
Fire blight is a common and frequently destructive disease of pome fruit trees-especially pear, quince and apple. It is caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora. In spring, symptoms can appear as soon as trees begin active growth. The first sign is a watery, light tan bacterial ooze that exudes from cankers on branches, twigs, or trunks. Open flowers are the most common infection sites and remain susceptible until petal fall. Infected flower blossoms first appear green gray, but quickly turn black and appear scorched. Dead, blackened leaves and fruit give the tree a scorched appearance, hence the name “fire blight.” Once infected, the plant will harbor the pathogen indefinitely. Management: Sprays prevent new infections but won’t eliminate wood infections; these must be pruned out. Chemical Control: We carry a number of products to control fire blight. Always read product labels carefully and apply as indicated.
Blossom buffer protect set
Copper kocide 3000
Cueva flowable copper
Nordox 75 WG
Double Nickel WDG Biofungicide
Regalia Biofungicide
Serenade Biofungicide